Video Library Case Study

Video library creates over £350,000 outpatient appointment savings

Intervention: The Health and Care Video Library & App contains over 600 videos that support patients to self manage their care at home (see the full secondary care demo library here)

Implementation: The video library on both web and app format is available to licence on an annual basis and includes HCI implementation support to help redesign the pathway of care to include digital interventions at the right time and place.

  • Help patients to manage their condition at home without a hospital intervention or visit
  • If patients need help from your teams, use videos that can support a telephone or video triage appointment. This could be preparing them for the appointment to keep it as short as possible, or information that could be provided afterwards that allows them to manage their condition more effectively at home on their own.
  • If patients need to come into hospital for an outpatient appointment, you can use video to make that appointment as short as possible.
  • After their appointment, it’s a question of providing information that would enable them to rehab after the procedure or manage their condition at home so that they do not need to come back for follow-up appointments.


Just some of the impact seen across multiple specialties in one Trust

Podiatry - 80% reduction in follow-up appointments, £164,000 and 2,400 appointments p.a.

Maternity - 30 minute reduction in appointment time for post-natal discharge procedures, £84,240 and 980 hours p.a.

Gastroenterology - Improving the quality of preparation for colonoscopies, £43,243 and 250 appointments p.a.

Cardiology - Using video to offer group clinics, and preventing pre-op assessments by using video at home, £68,508 and 500 appointments p.a.

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