Reducing costs and increasing capacity through collaborations

HEALTH CoLab is HCI's very own crowd-funding site where health trusts and specialties come together to fund and develop new digital health innovations that improve pathways of care at a lower cost.

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How are collaborators involved?

  • Collaborators work as a team
  • Support the production process
  • Implement the pathway change
  • Use the new digital resources
  • Get the benefits

Why collaborate?

  • Lower cost
  • Quicker results
  • Access to the new digital resources
  • A bigger return on your money
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What do collaborators get?

  • Access to the new digital resources
  • Participation in our Digital D5 Implementation Programme to get your new digital pathway up and running
  • A FREE 1 year licence for our video library over 500 health and care videos to use widely across your Trust - worth £10,000
  • 15% off future individual new video production projects

How do projects get listed on HEALTH CoLab?

  1. Our ideas - In the work we do with clients, we see many ways to improve health systems
  2. Your ideas - Clinicians put toward ideas
  3. Costings - We do background research and put the project costing together
  4. Post - We post the projects on HEALTH Colab
  5. Share - We then share the projects with interested parties and promote across social media and direct mail
Project Opthalmology